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Franco on Trial

DVD available here

Could a prosecution in Argentina become the last major trial against a 20th century fascist dictatorship?

Franco on Trial: The Spanish Nuremberg? is the new documentary by Lucía Palacios and Dietmar Post. After the success of Franco´s Settlers, their first encounter with Franco’s dictatorship, they now tackle one of the most undisclosed chapters of European history: the allegedly organized extermination that took place in Spain under General Franco’s fascist dictatorship between 1936 and 1975. To this day no one has been prosecuted for the regime’s systematic atrocities. Now for the first time, an Argentinian judge, María Servini, has issued 24 international arrest warrants against representatives of the Franco dictatorship.
Franco on Trial raises the question: will the so-called “Argentinian Complaint” become the Spanish Nuremberg?

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Franco´s Settlers

DVD available here

Award-winning documentary film about a small Spanish village that keeps paying tribute to its creator Francisco Franco. Franco's Settlers makes an entire country look at itself in the mirror.

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Tapetopia 001 - GDR Underground Tapes 

Order the LP here

tapetopia is a series of vinyl releases based on cassettes from the East Germany’s 80s underground, particularly from the East Berlin „Mauerstadt“ music scene, featuring original lay-outs and track lists. For over 30 years after their initial “release” the music on these tapes was neither available on vinyl nor CD, but they were important statements in the canon of the GDR subculture. Despite the miniscule number of original cassettes in circulation at the time many of the bands were popular in countercultural circles, a factor that made them highly suspect among the government’s own inner circles. tapetopia is edited by Henryk Gericke. 


Glen - Crack 

Order the LP or download here

GLEN was formed in 2015 in Berlin, Germany, by multi instrumentalist and film score composer Wilhelm Stegmeier and greek visual artist, film maker and musician Eleni Ampelakiotou. Coming from a cinematic background, and having collaborated on several films and audio visual projects (TEENAGE RESPONSE, ( I AM HERE / ICH BIN HIER , DOS plus - BIRTH OF A SPHINX), they created GLEN as a prismatic multifacetted musical persona , who can not be easily assigned to a specific genre. Listening to just one track or even one part of a track can misguide the impression of this album, like seeing just one single frame of a movie.

"This is a little gem of an album!" (music blog Dayz of Purple and Orange)


Bunte Truppe - Träumen ohne Dinge 

Order the LP here

limpe fuchs: perkussion, röhrophon, viola, stimme
ruth-maria adam: violine, stimme elektronisch
ronnie oliveras: elektronisch erweitertes zeux, klarinette
ignaz schick: plattenspieler, elektronik, digitale schleifen

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Locust Fudge - Oscillation

LP+CD and download available here

Locust Fudge is back after 20 years!

On their album Oscillation Locust Fudge grab the roots of what later was to be called 'Indierock’, turn them upside down and combine them with sometimes unusual & surprising elements to rewrite it’s history in the most organic way and beam it into the future.



Die Regierung: Live at Berghain

Available as video streaming & music download

Filmmakers and archivists Dietmar Post & Lucía Palacios filmed the DIE REGIERUNG show especially for the "play loud! (live) music series" in 2017 at Club Berghain (Kantine) in Berlin.

Click here for more info on Die Regierung´s releases on play loud! 

Die Regierung: So drauf + Unten

Order this double album here

play loud! presents the re-release of

a) UNTEN (1994), published for the first time on vinyl and
b) SO DRAUF (1992) with two bonus songs not included on the original LP

You can buy the two records together for 30 Euros. 
Strictly limited to 500 copies. 
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Anima in two films by Helga Tiedemann

Available as video streaming

Film 01
Anima-Sound: Mit 20km/h durch Europa (1972)
Featuring: Limpe and Paul Fuchs
Duration: 34:48 min

Film 02
In Festival: Gruppe Anima in Salzburg (1973)
Featuring: Limpe Fuchs, Paul Fuchs and Friedrich Gulda
Duration: 43:34 min

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Limpe Fuchs: trampelpfadnomainroad

Order the CD here

This music selection (1977-2017) was compiled for the exhibit trampelpfadnomainroad at Städtische Galerie Traunstein
All compositions by play loud! publishing
Drawings by Limpe Fuchs

For all Limpe Fuchs releases on play loud! visit our Limpe Fuchs Archive 


Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers

Double LP, download and film available here

These instant compositions were played, recorded and filmed on November 24th, 2011 at Marie-Antoinette in Berlin.
The film was shot in one continuous take and will be also shown at selected movie theaters. 
The band played one continuous song, which now is split in four parts for the release of one double vinyl album.




Roky Erickson - All That May Do My Rhyme

LP, CD and download available here

play loud! re-issues this record for the first time ever!

The record was released on CD, MC and vinyl in 1994 on Paul Leary’s Trance Syndicate label.
Read here some notes from the original press release: "Trance Syndicate is pleased to present the first studio recording in almost a decade by one of the most gifted, most influential, most inspired singer/songwriters from the Republic of Texas since Buddy Holly. Roky Erickson is back! performing new songs and a few classics in one of the best studios in Texas, backed by some of Texas’ finest musicians."



Floating di Morel / ULF

LP and download available here

The Berlin based band Floating di Morel releases their new record again on play loud!. After "Said My Say", "Goal Less Play" and the inclusion in the "play loud! (live) music series" this will be their fifth studio record.
German critic Robert Miessner (taz, junge welt) states:
“If Velvet Underground had not disintegrated in 1973 and instead had met with Neu! or Mute's Daniel Miller, they would have sounded like Floating di Morel.”

Click here for more info on Floating di Morel´s releases on play loud!



Ende vom Lied - East German Underground Sound 1979 - 1990

LP, CD and download available here

Ende vom Lied is a genre-spanning collection of punk, post-punk and avant-garde bands from the former East Germany, chronicling the work of free spirits pitted against government restraints and implied genre limitations.



Whirly Bird / Oscillations - reissue of the first Silver Apples single

Single and download available here

This is the first re-issue of the first 7“ vinyl single by Silver Apples, one of the most influential electronic music groups of all times. Originally released in 1968 on Kapp Records. Re-mastered and fully authorized by the band and the record label.

"Silver Apples are THE electronic group of all time… Silver Apples are to electronic music what Thomas Edison is to Facebook." (Trebuchet Magazine)




UFO - reissue of the legendary album by Guru Guru

LP and download available here

Guru Guru were related to the free jazz music scene both through their work with Swiss pianist Irène Schweizer and through Neumeier, who had already won several jazz prizes. The band was also influenced by psychedelic rock artist, such as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Rolling Stones and early Pink Floyd. Among the band's friends were Amon Düül, Can and Xhol Caravan, with whom Guru Guru played jam sessions.

Click here for more info on Guru Guru´s releases on play loud!



Gestrüpp - Limpe Fuchs

LP and download available here

Limpe Fuchs writes about her work on Gestrüpp
I am a composer and performer of acoustic and visual events. In the studio I am lacking the visual element. Therefore I like to work with multitracking. As a soloist I listen to my field recordings and integrate them into my new compositions. I do love radio plays and that is how I create a sort of audio theatre with the aid of my very special instruments and noises.

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Monte Alto - reissue of one of the best Anima albums

LP and download available here

First reissue of Monte Alto, presented in an elaborate silkscreen print, hand-numbered, and limited to 500 copies, co-released by Play Loud! Productions and Youdonthavetocallitmusic.
The album Monte Alto was released in 1977 on the band-owned label Alter Pfarrhof. It may be the best Anima album ever, if for no other reason than the wonderful freely improvised piano piece on the B-side.

Click here for more info on Limpe Fuchs releases on play loud!


Die Regierung - Double Album
Supermüll 1984 + Tribute

Double LP and download available here

play loud! is releasing as a 500 copy limited edition a double LP with the original album "Die Regierung - Supermüll 1984" plus the "Tribute Album Supermüll 2015". Music critic Michael Ruff called the record "the best German record of the 80s".

Click here for more info on Die Regierung´s releases on play loud!



Die Regierung Live 1994 - Double Album

Double LP and download available here

play loud! is also releasing a double live album that was recorded during the heyday of Die Regierung in 1994. The album will contain interviews with the former members and unseen band photographs.
Limited to 500 copies.

Click here for more info on Die Regierung´s releases on play loud!



German Pop and Circumstance

Video streaming available here

A documentary about the interplay between pop culture and extreme right ideology, which reflects the development of nationalist music since the late 1970s in Germany.










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